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NSA has recordings, in multiple centers, of every email, text and phone call Eric Schmidt has ever engaged in since 2004

NSA has recordings, in multiple centers, of every email, text and phone call Eric Schmidt has ever engaged in since 2004

Turn-about is fairplay

Eric Schmidt, Tim Draper, John Doerr and a host of Silicon Valley names were red-flagged when they started spending big money manipulating the policies and direction of the U.S. government. In America, you can buy all of the corruption you want up to a point. Once you step over the line, you are fair-game for every law, spy and regulatory agency. The types of activities this group were scheming with are upsetting to both Democrats and Republicans, making “missing tapes” an unlikely issue.

It is expected that Congressional hearings, criminal lawsuits and civil lawsuits will be able to subpoena this material.

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  1. Spain privacy watchdog fines Google for breaking data law | Reuters

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  7. Spain fines Google for breaking data law – Dec. 20, 2013

    Dec 20, 2013 … Spain’s data protection agency has fined Google 900000 euros for three breaches of a personal data law.

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  8. Prosecutor says Larry Page knew Google was breaking the law

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  10. Judge Says Gmail Might Be Breaking The Law | WebProNews

    Sep 27, 2013 … Google continues to battle a class action lawsuit filed in may, claiming that the company is violating laws when it “opens” and “reads” emails.

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    1. break the law – English-Spanish Dictionary – WordReference.com

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      We all know that Google‘s image search is free and that it’s very easy to copy those … The originators work is protected by UK law, in other words and in general …

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    7. jwz: When companies break the law and people pay: The scary …

      Jan 21, 2014 … Google and its ilk have always known that they could break the law right up until the day they were invited to make new laws. That is the power …

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    8. Spain fines Google maximum amount for breaking data law over …

      Dec 19, 2013 … Spanish privacy watchdogs have fined Google for breaking the country’s law when it combined more than 70 privacy policies into one user …

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    9. Google broke law by harvesting data from people’s homes – Daily Mail

      Sep 11, 2013 … Google argued that its activities were exempt from wiretap laws, …… Hitler’s former maid at his mountain retreat reveals all as she break.

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    10. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Are Still Breaking European Privacy …

      Jun 10, 2010 … Recently, WP29 told the major search engines Google, Microsoft and … To comply with the law, WP29 has stated that search companies must …

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