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From the Federal Trade Commission

Thank you for your submission to secretary@ftc.gov.
Please be advised that this mailbox is utilized exclusively for receipt of filings in Part 3 adjudicative matters before the Administrative Law Judge or the Commission, pursuant to Rule 4.2(c)(3) of the Federal Trade Commission Rules of Practice, 16 C.F.R. § 4.2(c)(3) (2013).  Such filings must be a “true and correct copy of the paper original,” id., and must be “clearly and accurately labeled ‘Public,’ ‘In Camera’ or ‘Confidential.”‘  16 C.F.R. § 4.2(b).  If any filing contains redactions, those redactions must be effected by completely deleting the in camera or otherwise confidential text from the electronic version prior to its submission. 16 C.P.R. § 4.2(c)(4).  Further, submission of any filing to this mailbox does not eliminate or otherwise supersede any other filing requirements set forth in the Commission’s Rules of Practice or in any applicable order that the Administrative Law Judge or the Commission shall issue.
If you have submitted any communications to this mailbox that are not considered filings in a Part 3 adjudicative proceeding, please note that such communications will be deleted and will not be made available publicly. 
For items other than Part 3 adjudicative filings, please refer to the table below:
To Contact the FTC About INVESTIGATING Please Contact Us Via…
  • Fraud
  • Scams (including credit card schemes, pyramid schemes, and lottery scams)
  • Privacy violations
  • Unfair debt collection practices
  • False advertising or marketing practices
  • Any other unfair business practices that harm consumers
  • Specific merger
  • Any other business conduct that may harm or limit competition of that may result in higher prices for a particular product or service
  • Filing a comment on a specific consent settlement, workshop, rulemaking, of other regulatory matter
Email antitrust@ftc.gov or contact the Bureau of Competition’s Office of Policy and Coordination at 202.326.3300
 If you have any questions about the status of your Part 3 filing ONLY, please contact April Tabor (atabor@ftc.gov ) or Janice Frankle (jfrankle@ftc.gov ).  Due to the high volume of email traffic our office receives, please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond.
Thank you,
–The Office of the Secretary



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